Placenta Encapsulation

Labor, Loved is now proud to offer placenta encapsulation services to clients as an add on or a al acarte option! Certified through IPPA (International Placenta & Postpartum Association), Labor, Loved is professionally and lovingly available to help mother's give back to their bodies after birth through amazing and natural nutritional supplementation.

What is placenta encapsulation? During pregnancy, the placenta has some pretty important and fascinating jobs including nourishing and oxygenating baby, removing waste, metabolizing and strong glucose, storing fat soluble vitamins, iron, and produces proteins and enzymes. After birth, the placenta, when consumed, can continue to work amazing benefits for mom. During the encapsulation process, the placenta, either raw or heated, is dehydrated and placed into capsules for easy consumption. A mother may also consume her placenta raw, make a salve or chose to make a tincture to save to combat PMS and a smooth transition in beginning cycles again or even saved to ease the transition into menopause. 

What are the benefits on placenta encapsulation? Consuming all the amazing nutrients found in the placenta can help prevent or lessen the risk of baby blues, replenish mom's iron stores from blood loss during birth and prevent postpartum anemia, support a healthy milk supply by providing HPL hormone, replenish B vitamins from the birthing process, help stabilize hormone levels after pregnancy, and offer a consistent flow of oxytocin and during the duration of consumption! 

Contact us with any questions or inquiries! I'd love to chat with you in depth about all the benefits and options surrounding placenta encapsulation!


A La Carte Placenta Encapsulation- $275

Includes optional consultation, pick up and transportation of placenta, encapsulation services, drop off and optional placenta print keepsake.


Doula add on-$200

Save $75 when you add on placenta encapsulation services to our birth support package! Includes pick up and transportation of placenta, encapsulation services, drop off and optional placenta print keepsake. 


Additional add on's-

Tincture- $25


Smoothie Prep-$25 

(option for all smoothie prep for $250)