Birth Support Package


The Birth Support Package includes:

-2 prenatal visits (approx. 1.5 hr each)

-Continuous text and email support throughout pregnancy

-24 hour on call phone and text support from 37 weeks until birth

-Continual support throughout labor, birth and immediate postpartum

-1 in home postpartum visit (1-10 days postpartum)


Birth Support Package + Placenta Encapsulation-

Receive everything included in the birth support package plus receive our placenta encapsulation services at a discounted rate! For more information on placenta encapsulation please visit the "Placenta Encapsulation" page.


Every interested party receives a free 30 min consolation. Support services begin upon registration competition with point of purchase, and dedicated 24-hour care as your due date approaches. During your prenatal sessions we can discuss your birth plan and desires, what to expect during labor, routine procedures, beneficial tips, pain management methods, postpartum plans and share any additional resources needed. Throughout labor and birth you will be assisted with continual physical, emotional, and informational support. Immediately following birth, I can help initiate feeding, help tidy up (home birth), snap pictures, and offer any support to ensure the new family is happy and comfortable. One additional postnatal visit is included, either in home or at meeting place of choice to answer any additional questions or connect you with another professional where appropriate.