Sitting Pretty, An Herbal Sitz Bath
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Sitting Pretty, An Herbal Sitz Bath

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Pamper and celebrate yourself or a new mom with this soothing and restorative soak. With organic herbs such as rose buds, chamomile, witch hazel and comfrey, this postpartum tea was crafted to support and aid in healing, reduce discomfort and calm inflammation. No need to measure or pour, with our simple, ready to use sachets, you'll be sitting pretty in no time!


-Made with Organic, Non-GMO ingredients 

-100% all natural- no artificial fillers or fragrances

-Promotes blood flow and tissue healing

-Astringent and antimicrobial properties

-Formulated for Postpartum use

-Suitable for postpartum skin care of episiotomy, perineal tearing, swelling, and hemorrhoids.



Organic rose buds & petals, organic calendula flowers, organic chamomile flowers, organic urva ours leaf, organic witch hazel leaf, organic barberry root,organic comfrey, organic lemon balm.